Monday, January 19, 2009

"It's not Pink. It's Lightish Red."

A very quick Blotch of Colour thrown on.
Looks more like fire then it does awesome energy tendrils, but whatever.
Why Pink, you may ask?
Cause I can. D:

((It Matches My Blog! O= ))


A while ago, a bunch of us sat in on a Pre-An class. This is the result. I had been reading Marvel's RUNAWAYS some time before, and it reinspired my love of flying. So I decided to draw a figure suspended in the air. I plan on eventually colouring it and adding energy tendrils extending from her feet, hands and hair.

And she's not really naked... It's more like I never got around to making her "Super Hero" Costume, which is just spandex anyways... So she's made of energy and doesn't need clothing. =D