Saturday, April 30, 2011

Demo Reel and Film!

The open house and school are finished, so I finally had a chance to upload these!
If you missed them before, check them out!

Demo Reel Cover

These are the CD cases I made to hold my Demo Reel dvd! I cut and folded them out of cardstock, all using my handy-dandy steak knife and trusted scissors.
The seal on it is real wax, stamped with the letter "M". I also used red blue and green wax. Luckily the only one left was the only black seal I made, which was my favourite.

Also, turns out wax catches fire really easily. Smells bad burnt too.

Fine Tooning Pages

These here be my pages for Fine Tooning. It was a brutal process to get everything approved and laid out right, but totally worth it. The book looks amazing! Everyone put alot of hard work into their pages, and it turned out great. Props to everyone.
You should also check out the AWESOME COVER designed by Scott and Dave