Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Scratch: Dog

This is now Scratch as a dog! I'd like to think he'd be a lab/pitbull mix, though I'm not sure how well that was conveyed.... I also don't know what it is with this cat, but whenever I enter a room, he's the first thing I notice, sitting there with his back to me, and then he slowly turns to look at me.... Haha, it's unsettling! But we get along quite well despite this. B)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Scratch Fury Destroyer of Fields!

This is Scratch if he was a horse! Scratch is the cat that lives in my house, and the other day while petting him, I said "Scratch, you would make one fine looking horse!" I've been riding alot and working with horses, and my friends draw lots of horses, so I guess I had them on the brain. So here he is as an American Quarter horse! Next, I will draw him as a dog. And then, maybe someday, as a cat.... His full, actual cat name is Scratch Fury Destroyer of Worlds. Doesn't he look fierce!? D8<